Hydrotherapy Healing Pool

Hydrotherapy Pools offers many benefits to the recovery patient as well as for maintaining levels of fitness. Dogs often enjoy swimming sessions and, therefore, this method is often used for conditioning, maintenance, and fun sessions.

It is particularly beneficial for increasing flexion in joints, increasing musculature, and promoting the use of arthritic or dysplastic joints. Swimming requires more energy than walking, so this modality is also beneficial for increasing cardiovascular fitness and managing obesity.


Hydrotherapy can have significant benefits. It can aid your dog’s healing and recovery rate after surgery or injury. Increasing the chance of a successful return to full fitness.

Like humans, following injury and during recovery, our dog's exercise level becomes limited. Their muscles lose strength and tone due to enforced inactivity. Once the rest period or confinement is over it is vital to rebuilding muscle. You should take care to ensure a complete recovery.