Leaving a gift in memory of a friend, loved one or much-loved pet is a wonderful way of remembering and celebrating their life.

Asking friends and family to make a donation to the BBAS Care center in lieu of flowers is a wonderful way to remember a loved one and celebrate their life as an animal lover.  It can be comforting to know that each donation given in their memory helps to ensure that every dog or cat who finds themselves at being treated at our center gets the love and care they deserve. 


I always say my dog was the love of my life.  In memory of him, I had his picture proudly printed on the sign that will hang on the front of this animal care centre.  My current dog I refer to as my heartbeat.  He will also take pride of place on our sign so that I can see their sweet faces on each visit.  It's what we do!  We basically fall in love with our pets and they will always hold a special place in our hearts that can never really be filled.  Like losing a human, we just learn to manage and live without them being with us in the physical sense.