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Raising money for any charity is a constant battle especially with added global pressures like Covid-19.

First and foremost, I want to say a huge thank you to Aaliyah Ceilia           who has supported me in the opening of Label Store, donated many of her promotional clothing items to raise money, and donated over £3,000.  We opened the shop in January 2020 and the year started off well....and then we had a lockdown.  Although we re-opened June 15th, 2020, takings were much lower than Jan - March.  Without Aaliyah's help covering the rent, we would not have raised the amount of money we have.

Other influencers who have stepped in to help include; @shanbrii, @seval_y, @erin_budina, @elzthewitch, @demi_dann, @dbzdutch, @jehonadreshaj_, @x.iz.x, and @vanillatrilla1@aaliyahceilia.  These ladies contributed to an eBook called 'influencer tips' which can be downloaded for just £1 here; 

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Secondly, a big thank you to all our regular customers who purchased from our shop all year including through Covid when we were posting orders only, thank you!

Thank you to our corporate suppliers who gift items to us at Label Store to sell at discounted prices to raise much-needed funds.    

Fundraise for us

In these very early stages, we aim to fundraise and raise as many donations as we can.  The more we raise, the sooner this project will be underway and the sooner the animals of Negril will get more support.


Whether you take part in a personal challenge or hold your own fundraising event, every little bit helps!

Even the smallest donations help BBAS improve the lives of animals In Negril.  As a new charity, we need funds for the build of the centre, equipment, food, medication supplies, etc.   Together we can do this!

There are many ways you can raise funds for BBAS, so please contact us at for some ideas  – or give us your suggestion for a fundraising event. 

You may wish to organize a group of friends and an event to fundraise for BBAS – plan an event and fundraise for animals in need.  Here are just a few great ideas;

  • Support BBAS through your business or veterinary clinic by utilizing your client base and industry contacts.

  • Organize a sponsored dog wash.  Dogs are by far the most popular pets in the UK and the world over.  If you support a cause that cares for dogs, consider organizing a dog wash.  Do it for a small charge, and dog owners will rush to you. If you could get sponsored by a pet shop, you can also add dog grooming to your service.

  • Coffee is a morning essential for so many people everywhere. Consider tapping into this ritual to raise money for your cause. People are going to be buying it anyway, this way they can put their funds towards something good. You could double up and serve breakfast snacks to bring in some extra money.

  • You stay fit when you run alone; you feel close when you run with company.  So, a sponsored community run could be the fundraising idea that you need to bring the community closer together.

  • For those who would like to push themselves out of their comfort zone, consider abseiling.  It is certainly not as dangerous as skydiving or paragliding, but will still make people weak at the knees.  Abseiling is quite common as an adventure sport and is a good fundraising idea. You can get your friends to sponsor you or try to get sponsorship from an adventure sports store or company.

  • Talk to your neighbours and see whom you can help with a small donation.  As well as fundraising for your cause you would be helping your neighbours and is a great chance to foster community relations, catch up, or meet new people.

  • If you are adventurous and interested in bungee jumping you should think about getting sponsored to bungee jump on a special occasion for our charity.  Since this is not something that people do every day, sponsorships will be easy to get.  But make sure that you are adequately insured, and above all, safe.

  • Garage sale.  Have you got items to sell?  Maybe bric-a-brac, clothes, etc.  Maybe hold a garage sale and invite local people by creating some leaflets or flyers to advertise it.  Explain why you are raising the money.  Invite animal lovers.  Bake some cakes or make cookies.  Have fun!!

Corporate Support 

​Are you a business owner?  If you would like to help us but are unsure how, here are a few ideas;


  • An organised dress-down day: where all employees donate a small amount to dress informally for one day.

  • Company sponsorships: marathons, fun runs, and walkathons are all ideas and challenges a business can utilise to raise money for their cause.

  • Coffee mornings and/or bake sale: demonstrate your baking skills to your colleagues.  By selling straight to your colleagues you have the potential to raise a potentially large amount.

  • Payroll giving: giving your staff the option to make small donations through the PAYE system.  This is an effective way to donate to Black Beauty's Animal Sanctuary.  Donations are tax-free when donated as they are directly deducted from the employee's salary before tax.

  • If you would like any further information about corporate support please e-mail us at

However you choose to help the animals of Negril, it is wholeheartedly appreciated by staff and animals x


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