The Black Beauty Animal Sanctuary (BBAS) will be named after the famous novel The Aventures of Black Beauty written by Anna Sewell.  Anna was somewhat of an activist for the better treatment of work horses.  In the last year of her life, she wrote the novel Black Beauty which went on to become a very popular UK children's television programme which ran from 1972 to 1974 but continued to run and new versions were released.  The beautiful haunting classical theme tune for Black Beauty was written by Dennis King.

Having grown up watching The Adventures of Black Beauty with fond memories and my love for horses I decided to name our sanctuary after this horse.   We will rescue horses, but they may be based at a different location to the clinic purely because of land space.

Our signage for BBAS Negril are the images of the two animal loves of my life.  In memory of Sam my German Shepherd who we sadly had to be euthanize in July 2018 and my daughters present and very beautiful Pomeranian who is the sweetest little boy.


A trip down the 70s & 80s UK TV memory lane of the amazing series Black Beauty